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SANGRE LATINO Is an ASSOCIATION, born with the aim to spread and to foster the CUBAN CULTURE in its greatest expressions: Music, Dance and Theatre.
It is situated in Milan: actively collaborates with other public and private institutions creating small and big events at the highest level, in Lombardy, Northern Italy and Switzerland.

A vivid Latin Band consisted of 5 expert musicians and a refined Orchestra of live Cuban Salsa, that has up to 10 professional musicians, 5 close-knit dancers and a couple of cabaret actors – all of them rigorously Latin!!! 360° Latin-American Music, skillfully played with passion and energy, in a way to make a listener perceive every hint.

As a result, you can enjoy a really unique melody, authentic and with an original sound, inspiring to dance… Large repertoire: Cuban, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan Music, traditional folklore, instrumental Latin-Jazz, Afro-rumba with percussion instruments and DJ-set.

Basing on the notes of the musicians, takes its origin an elegant choreographic dance performance with acrobatic elements realized by a group of 5 Caribbean dancers wearing beautiful stage outfits. Immediately after the show the group starts to perform explosive and irrepressible entertainment program of Latina, able to captivate even the most exacting public.

Sangre Latino is not just Latina, it is also an expert corps de ballet of contemporary dances, able to realize astonishing personalized Flash-mob basing on Latin and international music and to give to the public amazing stage productions elegantly inserted into the performance, able to entertain with an unexpected element of surprise.
A fantastic group of Latin-American close-knit artists, honest and organized, with dancers, entertainers, cabaret actors, musicians, singers, vocalist-dj, all united by the same project in order to create art and culture, willing to offer moments of great performance, lots of 100% Cuban brightness and especially the beauty of their own country that everyone keeps deep inside, at festivals, concerts, theme parties, weddings, corporate meetings, private events of every kind, recurring feasts as Christmas and New Year's Eve dance in Lombardy, Ticino Canton, Piedmont, Trentino, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Liguria.

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Tell us about what you would like to see at your Wedding, private or corporate Event, we’ll help you to put it into practice, making your dreams come true.

The Sangre Latino Association operates in the North of Italy and particularly in all the districs of Lombardy, Piedmont, neighbouring areas and Italian Switzerland. Sangre Latino is ready to move also to other Regions (Trentino,Tuscany,Emilia Romagna,Liguria) either with the “SHOW with BAND and DANCERS” or for apprenticeship of “RUMBA, CUBAN SALSA WITH TIMBA” only with our dancers or, by request, also with our percussionists, providing an advance payment, via bank transfer assigned to the association, of the expenses connected to the hire of the vehicle, fuel, round trip highway costs, overnight stay of the staff. The preliminary payment should be done within a reasonable period of time before the event. The remaining sum should be paid the day of the event before the performance.

dancers SangreLatino